ICO Caulk

ICO Caulk™ is a two-part, 100% solids semi-rigid epoxy caulk. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, metal, wood, brick and tile, on both damp and dry surfaces. It is USDA-approved, has virtually no odor and no toxic by products. ICO Caulk™ has good chemical resistance to most common cleaners, battery acids, fuel oils, and some solvents. As a semi-rigid epoxy, with a Shore A Hardness of 85 and a tensile elongation of 36%, ICO Caulk™ will better withstand heavy traffic, compared to a flexible urethane or silicone caulk. It dries to a glossy easy-to-clean finish. ICO Caulk™ is available in a pourable or gun grade in either a regular cure or fast cure (“FC”) grade in one gallon or 4 gallon kits in all our standard colors.