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SUPERCOAT is introducing TWO new product lines: SUPERCOAT Camo Series & SUPERCOAT Sports Series!

SUPERCOAT Camo Series features 3 blends:
SUPERCOAT Sports Series features 5 blends:

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SUPERCOAT Camo Series Flyer
SUPERCOAT Sports Series Flyer


High-Quality, Professional-Grade Floor Coverings Are Now Available For Home Use!

SUPERCOAT™Liquid Flooring is the answer to hundreds of flooring needs… From garages and basements to dog runs and work shops, SUPERCOAT is ideal for protecting the floor while creating a clean, attractive finishing touch.

Available in eight designer standard colors, SUPERCOAT is resistant to damage caused by most chemicals, such as: gasoline, brake fluid, standing water and even battery acid. It is far superior to traditional floor paint and is stronger than many heavy-duty industrial coatings.

Known as the “Breathable Epoxy”, SUPERCOAT is the only product to feature WET Chemistry, which ensures that the coating won’t chip, peel or blister due to water vapor migration through the concrete.

Each kit of SUPERCOAT covers approximately 250 sq. ft. (about a single-car garage) and comes complete with decorative flakes, a cleaner/de-greaser, a non-slip aggregate and detailed instructions. In addition, a variety of optional clear glaze coats are available to encapsulate the flakes and give your floor an even higher gloss finish. We always recommend two coats for dark colors such as red or blue.

SUPERCOAT is as easy to apply as paint after minimal surface preparation. No acid etching or mechanical prep is necessary in most cases. Floor preparation, of course, is the most important step because SUPERCOAT’s bond is dependent upon the substrate’s condition.


Got a small area to do? Or, maybe you just need to touch-up a few spots. SUPERCOAT mini kits are the way to go!

 Glaze Coat Kits

High-Quality, Professional-Grade Floor Coverings Are Now Available For Home Use!

Nothing completes your new SUPERCOAT™ floor like a high quality clear Glaze Coat. Available in two strengths, the Glaze Coat does a fantastic job of protecting your epoxy floor from scratches, while adding a beautiful high-gloss finish. In addition, it encapsulates the decorative flakes, thereby making the floor even easier to clean.


SUPERCOAT offers two ways to purchase additional flakes:

Standard Flake Blends – The SUPERCOAT kits come with 1 Lb. of flakes. If you desire even more, this is an easy way to maintain a consistent look.

Bulk Flakes – With over 20 colors of flakes available, this is a great way to alter the look of your SUPERCOAT floor!


“I think your paint for garage floors is the best on the market.  I did a 4 car garage 14 years ago, and when I sold the house (2013) the floor still looked excellent.  I  have a new house and I will purchase your superpaint once again!”
Robert- Canton, GA