ICO-GEL™ is a three part, 100% solids epoxy patching material primarily designed for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.  Its smooth, creamy consistency enables the user to skim coat surfaces that are irregular or pockmarked. ICO-GEL™ can fill holes up to 1” thick on vertical or overhead surfaces without shrinkage or sagging.  For greater thickness, our ICO Gel XT ™ product can be substituted.

ICO Gel has virtually no odor and adheres well to damp as well as dry concrete and masonry surfaces. Unlike cementitious or acrylic-based patch material it can be recoated in as little as six hours after application at room temperature.  For faster cure  our ICO Gel MC  and ICO Gel FC  are available; for applications temperatures below 50°F use ICO Gel Cold Cure.

ICO-GEL™ is commonly used to fill bug holes, crevices and cracks on vertical walls as well as floors, vertical stair repairs and concrete columns. ICO-GEL™ also serves as a trowelled-on skim coat underneath our ICO Glaze wall coating system where an extra smooth surface is required.  It can also be used to repair badly eroded manholes, sumps and sewers.  ICO Gel is particularly suited for vertical and overhead repairs where constant dampness is present, such as bridges and dams.