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Welcome to our website and I hope that you find it resourceful and informational for your industrial and commercial specialty coating needs.  We are merging our specialty coatings product lines from five seemingly independent brands (International Coatings, Protective Flooring & Linings, SUPERCOAT, Deco Effects, & PolyMax) into one cohesive brand “Milamar Coatings”.

Business has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years and the new identity must satisfy all existing expectations of what our original product lines stood for while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the functionality, reputation, and cohesiveness of our entire product line, making “Milamar Coatings” the cornerstone of our specialty coatings.  We hope that through this one source website we have achieved a great start towards that goal and expect many editions and improvements in the coming months.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you.



Proprietary Formulations in Epoxy and Urethane Chemistry

Milamar specializes in the manufacturing of epoxy and urethane resinous coatings that are available as self leveling, slurry floor systems, resin rich one step trowel down, wall systems, membranes and flexible joint fillers that meet a variety of broad needs and functions. Some of these needs are chemical and thermal shock resistant, impact resistant, decorative and breathable, which are available for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Our systems are designed to function from decorative and the light industrial environments to the harshest chemical resistant requirement. They function to protect your substrate and walls while offering environment enhancements through improved light reflection and aesthetics. The Milamar brands of industrial floor and wall coatings can be tailored to meet your every need.

Why Milamar?

  • Millions of square feet installed worldwide since 1986.
  • Trusted products installed in a multitude of environments; from industrial and commercial settings to residential garages.

Milamar complements it’s high quality performing epoxy and urethane formulas with complete technical assistance and superior support service. Call us toll-free: 800.459.7659