Engineered Grouts

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3500 Grout

Used to fill eroded areas or create a pitch prior to the application of Milamar’s 3000 series flooring systems.


3600 Tile Grout

Used to re-point tile or for new installations, can also be used to repair non-moving cracks in concrete.


3700 Pourable Grout

High strength, chemical resistant epoxy polymer concrete.


 4000 Grout

4000 Grout is a blended aggregate to be mixed with a batch of 4410 Parts A,B &C to create a trowelable urethane grout. Add 40 lbs of the aggregate blend to each mix.

5500 Grout

Is used to fill eroded areas, or create slope, prior to application of a Milamar 5000 and 6000 series systems.


6510 Pourable Grout

High strength epoxy vinyl ester, chemical resistant polymer grout designed for deep pour projects with a minimum pour thickness of 1 ½”.