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Decorative seamless flooring to be used in virtually any commercial and institutional application and many industrial areas where a decorative, slip resistant, seamless floor is needed.


Ure Guard DBS

Urethane cement  decorative seamless flooring. Call Customer Service for more detail: 800.459.4659


Decorative chip system most often used in schools, community centers, fire houses, lock room and restrooms, and retail stores. Low maintenance, decorative, economical flooring.


Ure Guard DCS

Urethane cement decorative flake/chip system. Call Customer Service for more detail: 800.459.4659


Decorative heavy duty flooring designed to withstand the rigors of moderate industrial use while adding the beauty of a multi-colored tweed affect to any floor.


PM 777

PM 777 is a premium clear gloss acrylic urethane penetrating sealer. Suitable for exterior and interior applications, its fast drying acrylic urethane formula has excellent adhesion to concrete while offering good chemical and stain resistance.


Metallic Effects

Milamar DE Metallic Effects is a unique decorative coating with metallic or pearlescent properties for the optimum in decorative epoxy floor systems.



DecoEffects Special Effects

Supercoat’s DecoEffects Special Effects Systems are different from standard chip floor systems. Time tested SUPERCOAT pigmented epoxy finished with low odor, low VOC industrial grade urethane glaze. Kit includes special blended chips with holographic reflective particles for a unique finish.