ICO Floor FC Slurry

ICO Floor FC Slurry is our fast cure slurry version of ICO Floor. Call customer service for more detail: 800-459-7659.

ICO Floor is a three-part, 100% solids low odor epoxy flooring material offering excellent wear resistance in heavy traffic areas. By virtue of its higher aggregate to liquid fill ratio, it can easily be power trowelled in any thickness down to 3/16”, leaving a flat matte finish. To seal the floor, a two coat application of ICO-Floor Coating XT and ICO-Floor Coating is recommended. Should a more antislip texture be needed, silica quartz or aluminum oxide can be broadcast into the sealer coat.

ICO-Floor provides good chemical resistance to common caustic cleaners, moderately aggressive acids, oils and lubricants. Unlike other power-trowelled systems, ICO-Floor is a tougher, more resilient material, with a tensile elongation of 11% (unfilled system) and a Gardner Impact Strength of over 160 inch pounds. As such, it resists mechanical impact better than more brittle conventional epoxies. For faster turnaround times, ICO-Floor FC should be used.