ICO Floor SL

ICO-Floor SL is a three part, 100% solids, low odor epoxy flooring resurfacer.  Normally applied between 1/16” and 1/8” thick in a single step self leveling application, ICO-Floor SL quickly and economically restores a pitted, worn concrete floor to a smooth, glossy, easy-to-clean surface.  It possesses good wear resistance and will resist chemical attack from most oils, greases, lubricants, caustics and mild acids.  With its more resilient formulation, as indicated by a tensile elongation of 12%, ICO-Floor SL can better withstand vibration and impact, compared to more brittle, conventional floor resurfacers.

ICO-Floor SL dries to a smooth, high gloss finish.  For anti-slip textures, fine silica sand or aluminum oxide can be broadcast into a top coat of ICO-Floor Coating.  For a more decorative look, vinyl flakes can be added, followed by an application of a clear top coat of ICO Sealer or ICO Ure Guard 80.  A faster cure version, ICO-Floor SL FC, is also available for faster turnaround time.