ICO Guard SL

ICO Guard SL™ is a three part, 100% solids, USDA-approved epoxy flooring resurfacer.  Normally applied between 1/16” and 1/8” thick in a single step self-leveling application, ICO-Guard SL™ quickly and economically restores pitted and damaged concrete floors to a smooth and glossy finish.  It has superior chemical resistance to most acids, caustics and solvents, compared to conventional amine-based epoxy systems.  Its ability to resist impact is enhanced by its resilient formulation.

ICO Guard SL’s™ resin rich mix allows for a single step application without need of a sealer coat.  For more decorative floors, decorative flakes can be added, followed by a coat of our clear epoxy sealer, ICO-Sealer.  For anti-slip textures, fine silica sand or aluminum oxide can be broadcast into the clear top coat.  For faster turnaround times and applications down to 40°F, ICO-Guard SL FC™ can be used.