ICO Hi Guard

ICO-Hi Guard™ is a three part, 100% solids resin rich novolac epoxy coating providing excellent chemical resistance to most concentrated acids and caustics and some solvents. Its unusually high resilience and toughness enables ICO-Hi Guard™ to better withstand thermal shock and mechanical impact compared to more brittle conventional epoxy coatings. Applied by brush, roller or spray. ICO-Hi Guard™  is normally applied at about 160 SF/gallon per coat to achieve a minimum 20 mils thickness in two coats. For moderate traffic a 60 mil coat/seed system is the choice.

ICO-Hi Guard ™ finishes to an easy-to-clean glossy surface. Anti-slip characteristics are enhanced by the addition of quartz or aluminum oxide. It has excellent adhesion to damp, as well as dry concrete, metal, wood, brick, and tile without need of a primer coat. To enhance its crack bridging characteristics, ICO-Hi Guard ™ can be reinforced with polyester cloth or fiberglass sheeting.



Case Studies:

Reliable Plating Corporation

SC Johnson & Sons

Veolia Recycling