ICO Hi Iron Guard

Iron Guard is a three part, iron reinforced troweled epoxy floor that combines the high chemical resistance and flexibility of our “ICO GUARD” resin system with the superior wear resistance of metal fillers.  It can be applied in a single pass in any thickness down to ⅜” without need for a primer or top coat.  With a fast cure version turnaround time is as little as 8 hours at 70°F and it can be applied at temperatures down to 40°F.

Unlike such commonly used steel-reinforced floors such as “Master Plate”, Iron Guard uses specially prepared iron aggregate that will not rust and will withstand harsh chemical reagents, including most inorganic acids, caustics and some solvents.  It is a 100% solids, zero odor material and with recycled material, qualifies for Leeds points.

Iron Guard is particularly suited for corrosive, wet environments when wear and/or impact are severe.  Typical applications would include dairy milking parlors, food plants seeing continuous washdowns and constant or intermittent steel abrasion, drum storage areas, truck washdown areas with high metal impact, and loading docks subjected to chemical spills and constant washdowns.

For less corrosive areas, our general service iron-filled troweled material, Iron Guard GS, can be used.