ICO High Guard Sl

ICO-Hi Guard SL™ is a three part, solvent-free,  100% solids, novolac epoxy flooring resurfacer.  Normally applied between 1/16” and 1/8” thick in a single step application, Hi Guard SL™ quickly and economically restores pitted and damaged concrete floors to a smooth and glossy finish.  It has excellent chemical resistance to caustics, many concentrated acids and some solvents.  The superior toughness of Hi Guard SL™ allows for better resistance to mechanical shock compared to harder, more brittle conventional materials.

Its resin rich mix allows for a single step application without need of a sealer coat.  If an anti-slip texture is desired, a thin top coat of Hi Guard Coating™ can be applied and then broadcast with fine silica quartz or aluminum oxide.  Hi Guard SL™ has excellent adhesion to damp as well as dry concrete, metal, wood, brick and tile.