ICO Iron Guard GS

Iron Guard is a three part, iron reinforced troweled epoxy floor for general service, severe wear and/or impact use.  It can be applied in a single pass in any thickness down to ” in a single pass in a temperature range of 50 – 90°F without need for a primer or top coat.

Unlike such commonly used steel-reinforced floors such as “Master Plate”, Iron Guard uses special metal fillers that will not rust.  It is a 100% solids, zero odor material and with recycled material, qualifies for Leeds points.

Iron Guard GS is intended for unusually severe wear applications where its high abrasion and impact resistance will provide much longer life spans than concrete or conventionally filled polymer toppings.  Examples would include refuse transfer centers, heavy equipment maintenance facilities, heavy steel-wheeled traffic areas and heavy-use loading docks seeing high impact, such as gas cylinder transfer stations and beer distribution centers.  For more corrosive conditions or where thermal shock is present, our Iron Guard product is the preferred choice.