ICO Super Guard SL

ICO-Super Guard SL™is a three-part self leveling epoxy novolac material primarily used for resurfacing worn and pitted concrete floors.  It is a 100% solids solvent-free material with low odor that is normally applied between 1/16” and 1/8” in a single application.  ICO Super Guard SL™, as a novolac epoxy, is our highest chemical resistant self leveling material, with excellent resistance to concentrated acids, caustics and most solvents.  As indicated by its tensile elongation of 6.4%, it has enhanced resiliency for better resistance to mechanical shock compared to more brittle conventional epoxy and vinyl ester toppings.

ICO-Super Guard SL™has excellent damp, as well as dry adhesion to concrete, metal, brick and tile surface.  For enhanced slip resistance, a top coat of ICO-Super Guard Coating™seeded with silica sand, aluminum oxide or other suitable filler is recommended.  ICO-Super Guard SL™is a dense, impervious material that provides a complete moisture vapor barrier and thus, is suitable for outdoors as well as interior applications.