ICO Ure Guard TL

ICO Ure Guard TL is a three-part, virtually odorless urethane cement flooring material designed to withstand some of industry’s harshest conditions. It has superior high temperature properties compared to epoxies, withstanding splash and spills of hot oils up to 400°F. It also has excellent chemical resistance to inorganic acids up to 180°F. It is a “resin-rich” system that is normally trowelled to one quarter inch thickness and is totally impervious to liquid penetration without need of a top coat. ICO Ure Guard TL has excellent chemical resistance to most standard CIP cleaners, as well as most inorganic acids. If better gloss is needed, then a top coat of our 100% solids, aromatic urethane, ICO Ure Guard SL/TL Coating, or one of our higher chemical resistant epoxy coatings, is recommended.



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