6000 VS

6000 VS is a trowel-applied monolithic coving system, typically applied at 1/8″.  6000 VS is an excellent material for coving from a floor to the wall, and can also be used to protect vertical surfaces subject to chemical splashes.  It is U.S.D.A. acceptable for use in food processing plants.


  • Monolithic Surface – Easy To Clean
  • Used To Fill Damaged Surfaces
  • Prepackaged For Easy Mixing
  • Specially Blended Aggregate – Trowel Applied To Vertical Surfaces Without Sagging
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Durable – Resistant To Wear And High Pressure Wash Downs


  • Coving and Curbing
  • Tank and Pump Pads
  • Columns
  • Chemical Secondary Containment Walls