ICO Flexicoat BD

ICO Flexi-Coat BD is an economical, flexiblized two part epoxy floor coating specifically designed for bridge deck overlays.  Typically applied in a two-coat/seed application to achieve a minimum thickness of ¼”, it is designed to minimize downtime by curing in 2 to 3 hours at 70°F.  It is a zero VOC, no odor material with a mixing ratio of 1:1 by volume, A:B.  With a minimum tensile elongation of 35% it will resist vibration and fine hairline cracking.  Seeded with flint rock (or other specified aggregate) it has demonstrated long term wear and abrasion resistance even to snow plows and heavy vehicular traffic.

As an impervious, chemical resistant barrier, it limits migration of liquids into the concrete, thereby preventing premature spalling from freeze/thaw cracking and chloride ion diffusion.  It can be applied from 50° to 90°F in any thickness up to  120-130 mils; however, two applications are  recommended for a more thin finish.  It is available only in a clear version in 20 gal bulk packs or 100 gallon drum kits.