ICO Guard Patch

ICO-Guard Patch Kit is a three-part epoxy patch material designed for repairing spalled or badly damaged concrete, especially in food and beverage processing areas seeing constant wash downs, harsh cleaners and severe thermal shock. It has excellent adhesion to both damp and dry masonry surfaces, including concrete, tile, brick, wood and metal surfaces.

As a 100% solids, solvent-free material it can be applied in a single pass in virtually any thickness down to about 3/16″. Applied at an average thickness of 1/4″, kit coverage is approximately 20SF, and because it is a “resin-rich” mix it requires no primer or top sealer coat. It can be returned to service in 8 hours at 70°F

As a flexibilized epoxy it can withstand impact, vibration and thermal shock (including steam cleaning) better than more brittle, conventional epoxies. Typical applications include kitchen floors, bottling facilities, meat, poultry and dairy facilities, breweries and wineries. As a USDA approved material this is a non-toxic, odorless product that will not have any adverse effects on products or personnel, making it ideal for use by plant maintenance personnel.