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ICO Urea Guard

High gloss, UV resistant top coat for such flooring applications as airplane hangers, warehouses and distribution centers, commercial establishments and industrial facilities desiring low maintenance and easily cleanable floors.


ICO Ure Guard 80

Used as a clear top coat over our decorative systems (flake or quartz) where superior long term gloss retention and UV resistance are required.


ICO Ure Guard 100

Recommended as a top coat over one of our epoxy or urethane cement coatings where greater color stability and UV resistance are desired.


ICO Ure Guard SL/TL Coating

Designed for food environments where higher gloss, easier to clean surface is desired.



Chemical resistant urethane designed to be used where chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance is paramount. Maintains gloss level far longer than conventional coatings.



Waterborne urethane coating primarily used as a finish coating for decorative color ship floors.