PM 375

Milamar PM375 is exceptional new, oil tolerant epoxy based primer. Intended for use with other Milamar seamless floors, use PM375 to improve adhesion to any petroleum oil contaminated concrete substrate.  PM375 can also be used to enhance adhesion of membrane systems, polymer overlayment, and polymer setting beds. When using PM375 primer, always test for compatibility and get finish manufacturer’s approval before using PM375 as a primer.


Choose PM375 as a primer for extra insurance against bond failures when concrete substrate has been saturated with oil and grease. Universal PM375 was specifically designed for use as a primer for troweled epoxy, broadcast floors, slurry and self leveling polymer floors, even epoxy and acrylic terrazzo floors in most heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications.It is commonly used as the first step in renovating floors in heavy industry, such as automotive manufacturing, machine shops and metals processing plants.


  • Unique Formulation
  • Exceptional Bond Strength to Oily Surfaces
  • VOC Compliant, high solids primer
  • Low odor
  • Faster Return to Service
  • Reduced  Repair Costs