ICO Glaze

ICO-Glaze® is our two part, 100% solids, zero VOC epoxy wall and ceiling coating designed for withstanding some of the toughest conditions in industrial, institutional and commercial establishments. The basic ICO Glaze system, designed to seal block walls and other porous CMU surfaces without use of any block fillers, is applied by brush, roller or spray at 20-30 mils total dry film thickness, consisting of one coat each of ICO Primer XT, ICO Glaze Base Coat and ICO Glaze Top Coat. It has excellent dry as well as damp adhesion to most well prepared substrates. It dries to a high gloss, easily cleanable finish and is resistant to mold and moisture penetration. Its flexibilized formulation (with a 9% tensile elongation) enables it to withstand thermal shock better than conventional, more brittle epoxies.

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Case Studies:
Stone Mountain Pet Lodge
Second Street Brewery
Shower Coating System