ICO Floor 51

Bisphenol A epoxy with moderate chemical resistance and good flexibility.

Resin Rich Systems

ICO Floor 51 is a low odor, 100% solids trowelled industrial epoxy flooring system. It is our most economical “resin-rich” system with a 5:1 ratio by weight or 3.3:1 by volume of aggregate to liquid. As such, it is applied in a single step application, either by hand or power trowel, down to a 3/16 inch minimum thickness. No top coat is required. It can also be applied in a slurry system, whereby it is seeded to excess, then top coated with ICO Floor Coating for ease in cleaning. As a resin-rich system it resists liquid penetration throughout the entire thickness.

ICO Floor 51 epoxy floor system is particularly suited for industrial environments where heavy traffic and liquids, in the form of oils, grease, lubricants, water, caustic cleaners, or moderately aggressive acids, are present. Typical applications include metal fabrication plants, machine shops, wineries and bottling plants, some food establishments, and auto service centers.

Data Sheet: ICO Floor 51
Performance Specifications:
ICO Floor 51 – Performance Specifications
Application Specifications:
ICO Floor 51 – Application Specifications
Case Studies: Canadian Tire Retail, Itasca IL Public Works Facility, Firehouse Floor