ICO Guard 51

Bisphenol A epoxy with excellent damp adhesion, flexibility and chemical resistance to CIP cleaners.

ICO Guard 51 Installation

Product Description

ICO-Guard 51™ is a three-part, flexibilizedepoxy flooring material, normally applied over concrete, with excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance. It is a USDA approved product with low odor, zero VOC’s, and excellent damp adhesion. As a “resin-rich” mix it can be applied by hand or power trowel in a single step in virtually any thickness down to 3/16″ without need of any “grout” or “sealer” coats or as a two-step, slurry/topcoat application for open areas. As it is impervious throughout its entire thickness, it will far outlast conventional “sealed” floors, especially in heavy wear, wash-down areas.
Unlike most epoxies, ICO Guard 51™ is formulated to withstand extreme thermal shock, including steam cleaning. Unlike more brittle, conventional epoxies, with compressive strengths typically exceeding 10,000 psi, or three times that of concrete, ICO Guard 51™ is formulated to have properties closer to that of concrete witha compressive strength of about 5,200 psi.

Such lower compressive strengths result in more flexible (tensile elongation of 10% resin only) material that is far less likely to crack under thermal shock and impact compared to the harder, more brittle epoxies.

ICO Guard 51™ has excellent chemical resistance against CIP cleaners, most inorganic acids, caustics, lubricants and some solvents. It dries to a moderate glossy surface; texture can beprovided by broadcasting aggregate into the still wet surface. ICO Guard 51™ is available in a fast cure version for applications down to 40°F, at which temperature it cures hard in 24 hours.

There is also “Cold Cure” version for applying down to 32°F (see PDS ICO Guard Cold Cure). ICO Guard can be applied as a vertical coving material by ordering “ICO Guard Cove Mix”.

Typical Application

ICO-Guard 51™ is particularly recommended for meat and poultry plants, dairies, citrus, and bottling plants seeing heavy wear, exposure to a broad pH range down to 1 and daily exposure to CIP sanitizing wash-downs up to 212°F. It is ideal for quick turnaround repairs in existing food and beverage plants, even if the plant remains in operation, or for new facilities where a long-lasting, low maintenance floor is desired.

ICO Guard 51™ provides an easy-to-clean, seamless surface for institutional and commercial kitchens, even over old quarry tile or brick floors, provided the tile is well bonded. In its “fast Cure” and “Cold Cure” versions, it is well suited for application in coolers and cold rooms without contamination of sensitive food products.

Chemical Resistance

ICO-Guard 51™ is highly chemical resistance to most acids, including up to 80% sulfuric, 85% phosphoric, 30% nitric, concentrated HCI, 80% lactic and most CIP cleaners. See our Chemical Resistance Chart for individual chemical resistances.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength (ASTM C-307)
Tensile Elongation (C-307) –filled
Tensile Elongation (D-638)-unfilled
Flexural Strength (C-580)
Compression Strength (C-579)
Hardness, Shore D (D-2240)
Bond Strength to Quarry Tile
Flammability (D-635)
Vapor Transmission Rate (E-96)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  (D-696)
Gardner Impact (D-2794)
Water Absorption (D-570)

2030 psi
2550 psi
5170 psi
self extinguishing
.03 perms
1.7 x 10-5 per °Farenheit
> 160 in-lbs
0.3% in 24 hours

Physical Characteristics

Density, lbs/gal
Pt. A
Pt. B
A&B Mixed


Viscosity @ 77°F, cps
Pt. A
Pt. B
A&B Mixed


Shelf Life
1 year at 77°F in unopened containers

ICO Guard 51

Curing Times at:
Pot Life
Working Time
Tack Free
Hard, Foot Traffic
Hard, Truck Traffic


27 hrs

60 min
2 hrs
14 hrs
60 hrs
72 hrs

50 min
100 min
6 hrs
20 hrs
28 hrs

25 min
80 min
4 hrs
10 hrs

ICO Guard 51FC

Curing Times at:
Pot Life
Working Time
Tack Free
Hard, Foot Traffic
Hard, Truck Traffic

50 min
60 min
12 hrs
26 hrs
23 hrs

45 min
50 min
9 hrs
18 hrs
24 hrs

30 min
35 min
4 hrs
8 hrs
12 hrs


Color Availability

Standard colors: white, gray, dark gray, beige, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, black.

Packaging and Coverage Rates

  • Basic Kit – 27 SF at 1/4″ depth
  • Bulk Pack – 270 SF at 1/4″ depth
  • Drum Kit – 2700 SF at 1/4″ depth


Please refer to our Application instruction Sheet for more detailed information.

  1. New concrete should be allowed to cure for 28 days; however, if shorter times are necessary, a plastic sheet test and calcium chloride test should be taken. Call Milamar Tech Service when data obtained.
  2. Floor must be free of grease, oils and other contaminants and should be mechanically abraded, by shot-blasting, scarifying or diamond grinding to remove old poorly bonded coatings and obtaina minimum texture of 30 to 40 grit.
  3. ICO Guard 51is a self-priming floor; however, particularly on porous substrates, a prime coat of ICO Primer LVis highly recommended to minimize out-gassing. Allow to dry tack free,
  4. The three ingredients should be mixed in the prescribed ratios using a low speed (<700rpm) paddle style mixer, first with A & B components for at least 30 seconds followed by addition of aggregate and tint and mixed for another 30 seconds or until uniform in color and consistency.
  5. Do not mix less than the prescribed amount of each component and do not add any solvent.
  6. The prepared mix may be applied by a screed box or bar to ¼” thickness and allowed to set for several minutes, before finish trowelling with a power trowel or by hand. Do not over trowel. Trowelling may be enhanced by using isopropyl alcohol (IPA) sprayed lightlyon the trowel.
  7. After finish trowelling the surface may be back-rolled with a short nap roller dipped in IPA to remove light trowel marks and to bring the resin to the surface, followed by broadcasting in witha suitable grit to achieve the desired texture. No top coat necessary

NOTE: Failure to follow the above instructions, unless expressly authorized by a Milamar Technical Service Representative, will void our material warranty


  1. Do not apply fast cure version, ICO Guard 51 FC, much above 65° to 70°F as it is very fast reacting.
  2. For application temperatures between 32° and 40°F, use ICO Guard Cold Cure instead.

Product Specification

The specified area shall receive an application of ICO Guard 51™ as manufactured by International Coatings, Franklin Park Illinois.The system shall be installed by precisely following the manufactures published recommendations pertaining to surface preparation, mixing and application. The material shall be a low odor, three part, solvent-free 100% solid, epoxy system with moderate resilience to resistthermal and mechanical shock. It should be trowel applied normally at 1/4″ thick ness in one application without needing a top coat. It shall be a resin-rich mix ratio of 3.3:1, ICO-Fill™ aggregate to resin and hardener. It shall have an elongation of 10% when tested using ASTM D-638 and a Gardner Impact greater than 160-inch pounds when tested under ASTM D-2794. The compressive strength when tested in accordance with ASTM C-579 shall not exceed 5200 psi and tensile strength not to exceed2030 psi as measured against ASTM C-307. The system shall be useable at temperatures down to 40°F by specifying ICO-Guard 51FC ™. It shall be water wipeable and have excellent adhesion to wood, metal tile, brick and damp as well as dry concrete. It shall be self priming except on surfaces with extreme porosity. The system shall be unaffected by oils and greases and have high chemical resistance against such acids as 36% hydrochloric, 30% nitric, 80% sulfuric, concentrated lactic and 10% acetic. It shall resists such caustics as sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers the highest possible quality products and services and by so doing, build long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Data Sheet: ICO-Guard 51 Data Sheet
Performance Specifications: ICO-Guard 51 Performance Specifications
Application Specifications: ICO-Guard 51 Application Specifications