3500 Grout

3500 Grout is trowel-applied epoxy at a minimum of ½ inch thick.  It is used to fill eroded areas or create a pitch prior to the application of a 3000 series flooring systems.  3500 Grout can be installed up to 8″ thick and requires minimal cure time before the application of a top coat.


  • 100% Compatible With Finish Systems
  • Stronger Than Concrete Fill
  • Minimal Cure Time Required
  • Can Be Applied Down To 1/2″.
  • Prepackaged; Easy To Mix
  • Compacts And Trowels Easily
  • Excellent Adhesion


  • Fill Damaged Areas
  • Build Up Low Areas
  • Curbs and Pads
  • Patch Machinery Footprint Damage
  • Slope To Drains




Case Studies:

Bakery Staging Area

Florida Juice Company

Pork Processing Company