ICO Guard 51 Coating

ICO-Guard 51™ is a three-part, flexibilized resin rich epoxy flooring material, normally applied over concrete, with excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance. It is a USDA approved product with low odor, zero VOC’s, and excellent damp adhesion. As a “resin-rich” mix it can be applied by hand or power trowel in a single step in virtually any thickness down to 3/16” without need of any “grout” or “sealer” coats or as a two-step, slurry/topcoat application for open areas. As it is impervious throughout its entire thickness, it will far outlast conventional “sealed” floors, especially in heavy wear, wash-down areas.

Unlike most epoxies, ICO Guard 51 is formulated to withstand extreme thermal shock, including steam cleaning. Unlike more brittle, conventional epoxies, with compressive strengths typically exceeding 10,000 psi, or three times that of concrete, ICO Guard 51 is formulated to have properties closer to that of concrete with a compressive strength of about 5,200 psi. Such lower compressive strengths result in more flexible (tensile elongation of 10% resin only) material that is far less likely to crack under thermal shock and impact compared to the harder, more brittle epoxies.

ICO Guard 51 has excellent chemical resistance against CIP cleaners, most inorganic acids, caustics, lubricants and some solvents. It dries to a moderate glossy surface; texture can be provided by broadcasting aggregate into the still wet surface. ICO Guard 51 is available in a fast cure version for applications down to 40°F, at which temperature it cures hard in 24 hours.



Case Studies:
SC Johnson & Sons
Anheuser Busch
Hudson Foods
Coca Cola
Papé Machinery