ICO Ure Guard 100

ICO Ure-Guard 100™ is a solvent-free, two-part aliphatic urethane coating for both indoor and outdoor use. It is virtually odorless with zero VOC’s and as such is designed to meet all current and future local, state and federal regulations. ICO Ure Guard 100 has excellent gloss retention, color stability, and UV resistance, as well as being chemically resistant to such reagents as battery acids, gasoline, caustics and most moderate concentrations of inorganic acids.

Ure-Guard 100™ can be applied by brush, roller or spray up to 5 mils on smooth surfaces per coat, and between 40°F and 80°F. It is available in all of our standard pigmented colors, as well as clear. It has good adhesion to clean, properly prepared concrete, metal and wood surfaces; however, we do recommended use of our more moisture tolerant epoxy primer ICO Primer LV, over relatively new or damp concrete prior to applying the urethane.



Case Studies:
Sparhawk Labs