ICO Ure Guard 80

ICO Ure Guard 80™ is a high solids (80%) two part, aliphatic polyurea/polyaspartic floor coating with excellent UV stability and gloss retention. It can be applied in a single step application by roller or spray in any thickness up to about 15 mils DFT, or 80SF/gal,. It has very quick drying capabilities; at 70°F, it is hard enough to walk on in 5 to 6 hours, making it an ideal top coat for applications where downtime is limited.

ICO Ure Guard 80 is available in a clear coat, as well as our standard colors – in 4 gallon pre-measured kits, 20 gallon bulk kits and 100 gallon drum kits. It can be applied in a temperature range of 40° to 90°F, at least 5 degrees above the dew point. It should be applied over our epoxy primer, ICO Primer LV or LVFC, especially on slab-on-grades where some moisture can be present.



Case Studies:

Canadian Tire Retail

Watkins Glen Raceway-Victory Lane