ICO Ure Guard SL/TL

ICO Ure Guard SL/TL Coating is a two-part, aromatic urethane coating especially designed for coating over our urethane cement slurry system, ICO Ure Guard Slurry, or our trowelled urethane cement system, ICO Ure Guard TL. An odorless material with zero VOC’s, it can be applied by roller or spray, 5 to 8 mils DFT on a smooth surface and up to 20 mils DFT on seeded surfaces. While not having the identical chemical resistance as the urethane cements, ICO Ure Guard SL/TL Coating possesses excellent chemical resistance to a wide variety of acids and bases and is the top coat of choice whenever our urethane cements are applied.

Note that ICO Ure Guard SL/TL, as an aromatic-based urethane, will not have the same color stability and UV protection as out 100% solids aliphatic urethane coating ICO Ure Guard 100.