ICO Urea Guard

Urea Guard is a zero VOC, low odor, two part polyurea coating with excellent color stability, UV resistance and wear resistance. It can be applied in a single step application from approximately 5 mils minimum to 15 mils DFT on a smooth surface (and up to 20 mils on a seeded surface). It’s quick drying characteristics (7 to 8 hours walk-on time @ 70°F) are well suited on time critical projects. It does not exhibit any tire tracking after full cure (24 hours @ 70°F) nor does it retain dirt and dust like some other softer polyurethane materials.

Urea Guard is available in easy-to-use premeasured 4 gallon kits, 20 gallon bulk kits or more economical 100 gallon drum kits – in a clear and all our standard colors. It can be applied in a temperature range between 40° and 90°F – at temperatures at least five degrees above the dew point. It is recommended to use our epoxy primer, ICO Primer LV, when going over new concrete or damp surfaces.