ICO Floor Coating Clear

ICO Floor Coating Clear ™ is a two part, 100% solids epoxy coating with very low odor and excellent self-leveling characteristics. Generally applied between 5 mils (320 sf/gal) and 10 mils (160 sf/gal) by brush, roller or spray; use of a porcupine roller is highly recommended to help air release. ICO Floor Coating Clear™ is a single, one coat system and cannot be recoated or top coated with itself or any other product. It is a self priming material that has excellent adherence to concrete, as well as wood and metal surfaces. It dries to a high gloss finish; if texture is required, suitable aggregate can be broadcast into the first coat and then back rolled to achieve a more uniform finish.

ICO Floor Coating Clear ™ has excellent chemical resistance to caustics, moderate concentrations of most inorganic acids, and oils, lubricants and fuels. It is a flexibilized epoxy with elongations of 11% and as such does not chip or crack nearly as easily as conventional, more brittle epoxies.

ICO Floor Coating Clear is also available in an extra thick (XT) version for a grout coat over our drier mixes, or for achieving an orange peel finish Both of these are available in a fast cure (FC) version for accelerated turnaround times.