ICO Guard Coating

ICO-Guard Coating™ is a two part, 100% solids, epoxy coating primarily for protecting concrete surfaces in corrosive environments.  It is a USDA approved material, with zero VOC’s, no odor, and excellent color stability.  It is our highest chemical resistant, bisphenol A epoxy coating, resisting moderate to high concentrations of inorganic acids, caustics and some solvents.  With a tensile elongation of 9%, it is a flexibilized coating that withstands impact and thermal shock far better than conventional, more brittle epoxy coatings.  ICO Guard Coating has excellent damp, as well as dry adhesion to most substrates.  No primer is needed.  It is normally applied 10-20 mils per coat, depending on substrate.  Two thinner coats are preferred to one thick coat to minimize entrapped air.

ICO Guard Coating can be ordered in a fast cure version, ICO Guard Coating FC, for faster turn around times and for applications down to 40°F, while our ICO Guard Coating XFC can cure down to 32°F.  Note that both of these fast cure versions, if applied below 50°F, are prone to whitening under hot water wash-downs, so they should be top coated with our more color stable ICO Ure Guard 100, polyurethane coating.



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