ICO Rust Guard

ICO-Rust Guard is a two component, 100% solids surface tolerant epoxy coating designed for application to base metal or rusted steel surfaces.  Unlike conventional direct to metal coatings, ICO-Rust Guard is solvent-free and odor-free.  It dries to a hard, glossy finish.  ICO-Rust Guard is especially formulated for excellent resistance to blushing and water spotting when applied in damp conditions.  It has excellent adhesion to rusted steel and can also be used on properly prepared steel, galvanized metal or aluminum.

ICO-Rust Guard is applied in a single coat by brush, roller, or spray.  A minimum 5-7 mil DFT coat is recommended, except where a substantial profile exists, in which case a two coat, 10-14 mil application is preferred.  ICO Rust Guard FC is also available for applications down to 32°F.  Because of its short pot life, we recommend it be purchased only in one gallon kits.