ICO Super Guard Coating

ICO Super Guard Coating™ is a two part, low odor, 100% solids epoxy novolac coating. As such it is our highest chemically resistant coating for most concentrated acids, caustics and solvents. Applied by brush, roller, or spray, ICO Super Guard Coating™ is normally applied at a coverage rate of 160 SF per gallon, yielding 10 mils DFT per coat; however, on horizontal surfaces, it can be applied in virtually any thickness in a single pass. Two, thinner coats are recommended for minimizing pinholes.

It finishes to a high gloss, easy-to-clean surface that is impervious to vapor and moisture transmission. ICO Super Guard Coating™ can be applied on damp as well as dry concrete, concrete masonry units, tile brick and metal. For enhanced slip resistance, a suitable aggregate can be added in the base coat and for improved crack bridging characteristics, fiberglass reinforcement can be added.