1431SUPERCOAT offers solid color flakes in over 20 colors.  Sold by the pound so you can mix and match to achieve a wide range of colors for partial (random) or full broadcast floors.

In a “partial/random broadcast” Flake System, the color of the epoxy or urethane liquid coating you broadcast into is visible around the flakes.  The flakes can be broadcast light or heavy, but do not completely cover the floor.  The amount of flakes for this type of broadcast may vary from 1 pound per 250 square feet to 4 lbs or more.

On a “full broadcast” floor, the flakes completely cover the color coat of epoxy to excess with no epoxy liquid showing through.  This causes the flakes to double or triple stack.  Once the epoxy is cured and hard, the loose flakes are removed.  A “full broadcast” floor normally takes over 25 lbs of flakes per 250 square feet.  Some of the flakes removed are reusable for future jobs.

Sold by the pound so you can mix and match to create your own terrazzo or granite like floor. Call customer service for availability and pricing 800-459-7659.

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