SUPERCOAT Standard Kit

SUPERCOAT comes in a variety of finishes and each kit includes assorted colored chips you can add to custom design your floor’s finish.

cobalt blue emerald firebrick red ivory
sandstone slate gray stone_gray yellow


  • Available in 8 designer colors, SUPERCOAT rolls like paint, wears like steel.
  • Kit includes: SUPERCOAT 2-part epoxy coating, decorative flakes, cleaner/de-greaser, anti-slip aggregate, stir stick and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Each kit covers 250 sq. ft. (approximately a one-car garage). We recommend two coats for dark colors, such as red or blue.

SUPERCOAT is applied with a high-grade paint roller (3/8″). The floor can be walked on in 24 hours; heavy objects can be place on it in 96 hours.

Applications: SUPERCOAT can be applied to concrete, wood or metal after it is thoroughly cleaned. Once the two components are mixed, it has a two-hour working life. SUPERCOAT requires a 24-hour curing time before it can be walked on; 96 hours before placing heavy objects on it.