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Coatings that Provide Improved Performance and Flexibility at Low Temperatures

Cold Weather Thermometer

The urgent need of low temperature coatings across different application segments is increasing as trends towards reduction of process and curing temperatures grows. The sustenance of the coatings and their ability to meet the performance requirements at low temperatures for industrial applications is the key factor that will decide the wide scale adoption of low temperature coatings. Strict environmental regulations limit the development of conventional aromatic coatings and health and handling hazards assessed by organizations such as REACH and RoHS in addition strict VOC Emissions standards can increase the opportunities for low temperature coatings across various industries including oil & gas, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and so on.

This research service titled, “Low Temperature Coatings for Industrial Applications” captures the technology innovations in the field of low temperature coatings with emphasis on the emerging technology trends and developments. The research also highlights the market, industry, and regional trends in the different industrial sectors and assess the key sectors in which wide scale adoption can be expected in the next three years.

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Key Findings:

– Low temperature coatings provide flexibility and improved performance at extreme low temperatures. Powder coatings are the coatings primarily used for low temperature settings in industrial applications. A vast number of systems such as epoxies, polyurethanes, tungsten carbide, and so on are being used to develop these coatings.

– Low temperature coatings have applications across all industries though the requirement and range are specific to a particular application. Industrially, the top three application segments for low temperature coatings include architecture, oil & gas, and consumer goods.

– The highest development of low temperature coatings can be expected in North America, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Countries that are the top research areas include United States and Western European countries such as France. In APAC region, China and Korea are leading in this space.

– Coatings with better adhesion and corrosion protection are the top research focus areas along with lower peel off on the edges which results from stronger adherence. Currently, the major challenge in this market stems from the changing designs of components in different industries.

– A lot of investments and funding is needed in this market to develop more low temperature coatings, especially in unique forms such as Nano-coatings, self-healing low temperature coatings, and so on.

– A strict regulatory scenario, especially in North America, makes it difficult for stakeholders to flourish. However, efforts are underway to make these coatings more eco-friendly and reduce user health hazards. Solutions are also being developed for difficulties in handling the coatings.

– For low temperature coatings the top application areas vary from consumer goods to oil and gas. The top three application sector analysis in the opportunity strategy evaluation gives a clear picture of the industries which have the considerable opportunities for low temperature coatings.

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Take Advantage of Planned Holiday Shut-Downs!

christmasoutofofficeThe temporary shutdown of a manufacturing plant for improvements in equipment and processes must be made with the utmost planning and coordination to achieve the desired aims in the most timely, safest, and cost-efficient manner.

Planned shutdowns are almost always undertaken because ultimately they are good for business. They lead to improvements in the performance of equipment and processes and enable product modifications. And they are an opportunity to reduce the energy, materials, safety hazards, or waste associated with manufacturing. Holiday shut-downs are the perfect time for companies to fix their floors.

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  • One Step Installation
  • Thermal Shock Resistant Floors
  • Chemically Resistant Floors
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The holiday season during the last 60 days of the year is frequently the busiest period in our industry due to holiday shutdowns and year end projects.  It is also a period of potential conflict with trucking company delivery schedules that are impacted by holidays and inclement weather.

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We encourage you to place all orders during this period as early as possible.  As always, we will do our best to meet your required production and delivery times.  We need your help to provide as much lead time as possible.  The schedule below documents expected closures for Milamar Coatings during the holiday period.

Milamar Coating’s Holiday Schedule: Closed on:


  • Nov. 26
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  • Dec. 25

New Year’s Day:

  • Jan 1

We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season and appreciate your help in meeting your needs.